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Alimentaria & Horexpo Lisboa 2011 - Lisboa a 2011-03-27

Alimentaria 2010 - Salón Internacional de la Alimentación y Bebidas - Barcelona, Espanha a 2010-03-22

NUTRITION AWARDS 2010 - Portugal a 2009-11-16

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Basic Food Safety - Part 3: Poor Personal Hygiene
Produced by the Central District Health Department, Boise, ID.
Basic Food Safety.
Part 3: Poor Personal Hygiene.
Poor personal hygiene is responsible for many foodborne illnesses in the United States. Learn about proper hand washing and personal grooming, illnesses that either restrict or exclude employees from working, and watch a lighthearted example of poor personal hygiene featuring "Harold the Cook".
Duração: 00:05:10

Basic Food Safety - Part 2: Holding Time and Temperatures
Produced by the Central District Health Department, Boise, ID.
Basic Food Safety.
Part 2: Holding Time and Temperature.
The top 5 current foodborne illnesses in the United States are introduced here. Learn about proper holding times and temperatures, and what qualifies potentially hazardous foods to fall into the "Danger Zone", where bacteria rapidly grow and become dangerous to customers.
Duração: 00:02:59

Basic Food Safety Course - Part 1 Introduction
Produced by the Central District Health Department (CDHD) in Boise, ID. Foodborne illnesses are responsible for more than 75 million illnesses, more than 230,000 hospitalizations, and approximately 5000 deaths each year in the United States. In Part 1, we show you 3 types of contamination and how improper handling can allow them to become dangerous to your patrons.
Duração: 00:05:18

The McDonald's You Don't Know: Food Safety
Find out about how McDonald's works with chicken farmers to insure high safety standards and high quality chicken products.
Duração: 00:02:12 - Food Safety
Reporter Mark Huffman explains food poisoning is more common than you thought....consumer news tips food safety health
Duração: 00:01:18

Salmonela in action
Salmolena no "Era uma vez o Corpo Humano"
Duração: 00:00:35

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